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How to set up Google XML Sitemap Generator WordPress plugin for your site, when your blog is in a subdirectory of your site.

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Make My Own Website…
( Do What I Want It To! )

Did you ever say “I want to make my own website”?You can! I make my own website with WordPress. Discover how you can too. Make a website to send and receive email, broadcast news, sell things, interact with clients etc.

You can make a website that is as simple as a business brochure or as complex as an epic novel. You can make your own website with text, pictures, music, videos or games. You can lose decades making an online shopping or auction website. You can enjoy making a website where people can hang out and be social with each other.

Making your own website is a journey. Like any journey it starts with one step and then finds a million reasons to stay over and stall here and there, to take a short cut to nowhere special, and to run out of money before it’s completed. So…

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Make Your Own Website Starting with a Schedule

If you don’t want to stall – create an itinerary to make your own website in steps. If you really want your website to succeed, plan it. Schedule the various tasks (with deadlines) and get a stop clock. Make sure your “doing” or “creation” time is longer than your “surfing” or “reading” time.  You do need to learn how to do things, but it is so very easy to get distracted!

Start by choosing to make a website that is simple to update yourself. Follow the DIY Websites Basics Series –  Create My Own Website, Build My Own Website and Design My Own Website first. That should take about a week to work things out, plan ahead and get started on a making your own website.

Then visit the Update My Own Website page where I describe how to get the most basic content into your CMS so you can make your own website live and ready for your first visitors.

This page discusses some good basic plugins you can add to make your own Website more functional.

Six Plugins You Need For Every Website

website email or contact formYou are now paying for a domain name and a host on a regular basis so you want some return on that expense. So the very least you need to add is a Contact Me plugin. This adds a contact form to your website that enables any visitor to send you an email enquiry if they wish.

It is also necessary to have Legal Pages on most websites that describe your policies. You can use a plugin to create these quite easily. The plugin creates several generic legal policies and you can then edit these to be more specific if you choose. The plugin then helps you to display links to these pages in the footer area of your website.

It’s good to have two kinds of Sitemaps. One is a search engine (XML) Sitemap, so you can submit it to the search engines and they will index the pages of your site. The other type of Sitemap is for your customers, so they can find your posts and pages easily.

You will need a search engine optimization or SEO Plugin. This enables you to help search engines to recognize which pages you want indexed and what description and keywords you’d like to be indexed for. It also enables you to tell them not to index certain pages so you will not be penalized for duplicate pages or have irrelevant pages show up in search engine results.

It is good to have a way for website visitors to Share Your Site articles with social media sites or to email a link to a friend, that describes an article on your site.

You will also want to enable Akismet (or other spam management plugin), that comes free with WordPress. Akismet is a spam stopper that monitors robot submitted comments and marks spam as spam so it can be easily deleted.

Other Website Plugins You Might Want For…

Making a website that is interesting and interactive. This includes tools that



* Encourage people to comment on and ask questions about articles
* A shop plugin for product details with secure payment systems
* An autoresponder managed emailed newsletter
* A polling system for feedback and market research
* Multiple news feeds that people can subscribe to
* Forms that customers can fill in that feed content to a page
* Systems that keeps an online record of requests for help
* A private membership area protected with a login

How do you do all this?

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