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Frequently asked questions about DIY Website, making your own website and using WordPress to make a website you update yourself.
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About Making DIY Websites

How Easy Is It To Setup My Website?

If you do it all yourself it will take around 48 hours. You must make sure you keep track of your sign ups, logins and passwords, and links. Then you’ll need to watch a few videos to learn how to install your CMS, use FTP, activate and configure your theme and learn how to use it all.

If DIY Websites do this part for you it’s very easy. The Basic Website Frame still takes around 48 hours to set up, sometimes less, but you skip doing all these technical bits and can just add some content.

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How Much Does It Cost To Create A Website?

DIY Websites start at $499.00 for the Basic Website Frame or $999.00 for a Standard Website. See the Services pages to compare plans and get details or order a website now.

There are two initial costs associated with maintaining a website:
1) The domain name (a yearly fee)
2) Web hosting (a monthly fee or yearly fee)
The price will vary depending on how far in advance you pay for your site. Generally if you pay for domain names or hosting in advance (instead of year by year) you’ll get a better deal. Some hosts will give you a better deal if you pay six months in advance for example versus one month at a time.

What Skills Are Required To Make A Website Without A CMS

If you choose to make your own website without using a CMS, you will need to know a fair amount of HTML and be able to use CSS. You’ll need to use a website editor such as Frontpage, Dreamweaver or XSitePro. You need to understand what you have to do at your web host and how to use FTP to upload your website.

It would be beneficial to have at least a basic knowledge of JavaScript and be able to resize and display web graphics. You’ll need to know how to install scripts and link them to a database. If you want to build more advanced websites, you should learn a server side scripting language such as PHP or ColdFusion. You should also learn about databases, most specifically, MySQL. Flash and Ajax might be next and there’s always more…

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Frequently Asked Questions

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