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Frequently asked questions about DIY Website, making your own website and using WordPress to make a website you update yourself.
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About Making DIY Websites

What Is A “Web Host” and Do I Need One?

Every web site needs a host to “serve” your pages to the web so they can be read. They also provides support for usage of their server and tools for making your web site. The host allocates you space for storage of your web pages, and bandwidth for access. They also create email addresses and offer other features you may need to develop your website.

DIY Websites do not usually offer web hosting but instead recommend professional hosting companies which will support your website 24/7, something we cannot provide. This also means you stay in total control of your website and where it is hosted.

Typically, a shared hosting account will cost between $5-$20 per month and a virtual private server starts at around $60 per month.

Why Shouldn’t I Use A Free Host or Website?

Free hosts and websites are great for a hobby, and also for promotion, but they cannot guarantee stability and longevity for your personal or business website. I would strongly recommend not choosing a free option for a website that you are going to spend a lot of time creating. There are too many restrictions on what you can do and too much risk that you could lose it all overnight at someone else’s whim.

Should I Own My Own Domain Name?

Yes! I strongly recommend you own your own domain name. You will need your own domain name to sign up for a host. I think it is better to keep your domain name and your host with separate companies.

Your own domain name allows you to change your host provider (server) without any change to business cards or losing any of those valuable links coming to your website. It’s like being able to relocate from India to Australia without ever changing your address! Domain names are cheap and can be purchased for as little as $10 a year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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