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Frequently asked questions about DIY Website, making your own website and using WordPress to make a website you update yourself.
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About Making DIY Websites

Why We Use Wordpress and What Is A Plugin?

If you’ve read other articles here, you’ll know we use Wordpress because it has the best of several worlds, it’s a website and a blog, and it is happily used by both programmers and normal people. One of the reasons WordPress is such a great platform for business websites is because its plugins make it really easy to add all sorts of customized functionality. This short video explains.

Don’t Be Afraid of Negative Comments

Some businesses are wary of using the blog functions of their website, because they fear negative comments or of losing control over the content on their website. This short video explains why there is no need to fear the comment box, in fact it can give you opportunities to explain things and overcome the fears of your clients.

When To Hire Someone to Help With Your Business Website.

With so many free or open source plugin options available for WordPress, when might you want to hire someone to help you set up things up? Well, what is your time worth to you and how do you want to spend it? You can outsource all sorts of jobs from configuration of plugins, to data entry to writing articles. It’s your choice.

Lastly Start Now and Find Perfection Later

You found your way here because you are interested in starting a website or you have one and are looking for information. Chris’s last video is the call to action. It’s later than you think…

The danger in waiting until things are perfect before you get started is that it may never get done. There is never enough time. You have to make time for it! Start working your plan with steady improvements and grow your website from a seed to a tree. It’s the only way to do it.

Question submitted by webdesigner of Central Coast, NSW, Australia

How Do I Start My Own Website?

If you want to do it all by yourself, read the 5 articles in the 123 of website basics and subscribe to download the free website starter kit. Then you can login to DIY Websites as a free subscriber and gradually work your way through the 29 Steps and other tutorials, at your own pace.

What Is The Easiest Way To Make My Own Website?

The easiest way of making your own website is to have DIY Websites install the Basic Website Frame or choose the Standard Website pack. It doesn’t get much easier than this to get started! You do not need any technical knowledge. It takes about 48 hours.

This service short cuts through the confusing technical decisions of getting a domain, host and CMS installed. Then, all you need to do is add your content. You decide on the colours and layout for your design and customize it to suit your needs. You write your first articles and you have a website on the Internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DIY Websites Answers