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This has been something I’ve been working on since March, so I can make better Facebook Pages. If you LIKE the DIY Websites Page on Facebook you’ll see more info there.

Basically Facebook used to allow you to make several pages on their site linked with tabs, but now they want that content to be hosted somewhere else, not by them, and allow you to show your content in an iframe. To do this you need to make a small web application using the Facebook API and use this to tell Facebook where to find the content ( like add two urls ).

It seemed an ideal use for WordPress until I realized that the website theme frame would also show all around the page, not just the interior of the post. Well while I was still trying to figure all this out someone wrote this plugin.

Facebook IFrameI only have the rights to sell it, not to rewrite or modify it, but these rights are passed on to you if you decide to buy it, as it has Master Resale rights.

It comes with three videos that show you how to make an app, install the plugin and use it. It also has a PDF and I include some bonus graphics you’ll need for your app to sweeten the deal.

The Facebook iframe app plugin enables you to make a page on your WordPress website and have that page appear as a tab on your Facebook Page.

It strips off the WordPress Theme header, footer and sidebar, from the post content. You may need to create nav menus if you want more than one page, but thats easy enough to do. It has a LIKE reveal shortcode and it can display an autoresponder form.

Linking your website with Facebook means that your local family, friends and in crowd can be invited to share and like your Facebook Page and can learn more about your business. Certainly they will be able to tell a friend easily if there is information about your business on your Page, and if people can click through to your website from there – great! It’s a way of contacting a community of users, and especially friends,  by location and interests.

You also retain ownership of your content, on your own site, and that is way better than uploading it to Facebook.

You should still concentrate your promotion on your website url not your Facebook page, but you’d be crazy not to go after a community on Facebook if your business is suitable.

If you want to know more click here – Facebook iframe Page & WordPress

Do I Need More Software To Create My Web Pages?

Do I Need More Software To Create My Web Pages?

Generally no, if you purchase a website package from DIY Websites, your website comes with everything you need to start with and just add content.

You may need to install specific plugins if you want specific functions but these generally will not cost you extra to purchase. Most plugins are available as open source, meaning anyone can use them for free. Some plugins are premium plugins and you will need to pay to use them, but this is something you will learn to choose for their ease of use and extended support. There will probably be free alternatives.

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