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Do I Need More Software To Create My Web Pages?

Generally no, if you purchase a website package from DIY Websites, your website comes with everything you need to start with and just add content.

You may need to install specific plugins if you want specific functions but these generally will not cost you extra to purchase. Most plugins are available as open source, meaning anyone can use them for free. Some plugins are premium plugins and you will need to pay to use them, but this is something you will learn to choose for their ease of use and extended support. There will probably be free alternatives.

Part of being interactive is making it possible for people to contact you and to submit specific information to you. A simple contact form is fine for many websites.

Contact Form 7 is a great free plugin for this usage.

However some websites would like to have the option to create complex forms. Forms that will transfer the data that is submitted into specific fields, so that a csv document can be created and the information used elsewhere.

They want forms that look great. They don’t want spam submissions. They want to be able to import data and export data easily.

They also want all their forms in one place. Not separate systems for contact forms, autoresponder forms, or poll, invoice, job postings, quote requests or any other forms.

To run any kind of complex site with WordPress that requires people to add address details or other content then take a look at WordPress Form Management.

How Do I Add Forms To WordPress?

Wordpress Form Management

I use and recommend WordPress Form Management

Click here to visit WordPress Form Management.
If you know how to use WordPress, you’ll discover that using the WordPress Form Management plugin is a cakewalk. WordPress Form Management looks and functions like the rest of the WordPress dashboard.

You create your forms using a visual editor. Add the fields you want, choose their options, and then drag them to where you want them to appear.

Custom fields can be email, website, multiple choice, drop down lists, hidden fields and you can easily populate drop downs, checkboxes and radio button fields with predefined lists of values such as Countries, States, Months, etc.

You can add your own options. The address fields have set options and you can choose American or International address types, set their default states, provinces or country and toggle each of the fields visibility.

You can easily add a new form to both pages or posts and WordPress Form Plugin has a handy widget format too.

Shield your form sumissions from spam by filing bots with a Captcha. Before the form is submitted, set up different email recipients, so if one form is a service request it’s submission can be sent to a customer service email, while a sale form gets sent to the sales department email.

WordPress Form Management can pass form data to a confirmation page, for use with external autoresponders. The plugin can send automated emails for each form submission.

Creating complex forms takes a little time so you’ll want to backup what you create and export it to a safe place. If you have several sites, and use similar forms on each, you can export the form you created and import it directly into the new site for editing and use.You can export all form fields, or only those fields that are needed, to a CSV file.

Form data can be set to display on a template page on your site, when the submission is approved. Content can include both images and articles, a great way to have members create their own profile pages, or to add new articles. Embedding is via a shortcode to be added to your post or page content.

As the WordPress Form plugin is constantly improving, you’ll already find a few addons for it, and expect more to follow. It’s already compatible with Justin Tadlock‚Äôs Members plugin for role management. It will integrate easily with the FreshBooks invoicing service as well.

So if this sounds the kind of professional function you can use on your website, go get the WordPress Form Management plugins. It makes other plugins look like amateur hour!