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WordPress Tutorial – How to Create New Posts in WordPress

webdesigner : January 12, 2011 7:01 am : Editor, Tutorials, With Video

Create A New Post

This WordPress Tutorial video will show you how to create new posts in WordPress. The main features  of this video cover basic topics in the Post Editor areas such as

  • Using the Quick Post feature (on your dashboard)
  • Click Post > Add New to get to the editor
  • Tab between Visual (WYSIWYG) and HTML mode
  • Post Title and Permalink (edit slug)
  • Drop the icon menu (click last icon) to see more options
  • Format your text Font with bold, italic and colours
  • Use theme CSS (drop menu) to choose Headlines or paragraph
  • Make a Hyperlink eg (see below)
  • Using the Block Quote feature
  • Using Tags and Categories
  • Save as a draft, publish or post as a user (pending review) rather than as an a owner
  • Changing the date when the post is published, scheduling future posts
  • Enlarge the editor writing space by post,
  • Or change it globally under Dashboard>Settings>Writing (15-20 lines is good)
  • Preview the post

Regarding hyperlinks

To use anchor text in a link – first type in the post the text you want to use as an anchor and select (highlight) this text before you click on the chain icon to create the hyperlink.

The title you type in the box will display as a tool tip so this is a good place to explain where this link goes.

If the link leads a visitor away from your website to an external site, choose open in new window, so your website remains in the visitor browser until the reader wants it closed. If it is a link to another page on your site, choose open in same window, so the visitor can navigate easily through your site without opening and closing multiple windows.

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