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WordPress NextGEN Gallery Plugin Tutorial

webdesigner : February 26, 2011 7:23 am : Media, Plugin, Tutorials, With Video

How to use the WordPress NextGEN Gallery Plugin

This tutorial shows how to use the WordPress NextGEN Gallery Plugin to make different picture gallery pages that display a thumbnail shot of an image which, when clicked, opens a larger image in a pop up box.

The NextGEN Gallery Plugin is one of the most popular plugins there is for people with pictures to display, with over a thousand ratings. The ability to show many small images on a page can be used for many different things. For visitors it means people can choose to load a larger image only if it’s one they really want to see in detail.This means they can browse through more images faster and find ones they like before they lose interest.

It’s easy enough to use but you may need to create a gallery folder and change permissions. As plugins improve check the current installation instructions to see if you do. If so you do it via ftp. Navigate to the wp-content folder and right click in the space. A context menu will appear so you can create the new directory and set permissions for it. Generally you won’t.

This video points to the steps to take and the areas where the links are. ( saves me writing lots of top left corner or dashboard menu instructions!) but once you start using the NextGEN Gallery Plugin you’ll quickly get the hang of it. Uploading pictures isn’t so different to media.

When uploading images, check that in your php.ini file (for your server) the maximum file upload size is set high enough such as 16MB – 20MB.

You upload Images using the tabs on the Add Gallery page. You can select which gallery and whether to add metadata and you can select multiple files to upload or upload a zip file of images by choosing the Upload a Zip-File tab on the Add Gallery page.

You can also import a folder already on your web site using the Import image folder tab on the Add Gallery page and you can import images already in your gallery folder. This gets older images that are already in the gallery folder into the range of the newly installed plugin. Then by adding an image the old way and using the scan folder for new images you can add a new image to the gallery but keep the images attached to a page.

To do this:
Go to the Manage Gallery page.
Click on the Edit link for your gallery.
Click the Scan Folder for New Images button.

Using the NextGEN plugin to make picture galleries, albums and slideshows

You can start a new gallery or set of images, including or excluding pictures, titling and describing the pictures in different ways. Each set or gallery has a unique id number.

To display the picture gallery you’ll create or edit a page/post and use a shortcode to insert the specific gallery you wish to use. FOR EXAMPLE [nggallery id=1] or [slideshow id=x] where x is the number of the specific gallery you want to display. Remember it must be entered in html view, but it will show in visual mode exactly the same. So if you have a problem with display and can’t remember which view you entered it in, delete the shortcode and ensure you enter it in html so you know it was done correctly.

The NextGEN Gallery Plugin has different effects and display options so check the plugin FAQs for different shortcodes you can use. You can choose single, album, gallery and slideshow and can add other configurations to the shortcode to display by tags or perhaps to display random images.

If you wish to protect your images you can show them with a watermark which this plugin will add. You can also add meta information to images. It will also work with Cooliris.

There are occasional errors reported such as image overlap but most people don’t have any major problems. Ask in the wordpress plugin forum using the plugins name in the title and shortcode brackets like this [Plugin: NextGEN Gallery] at
and read this article before trying other gallery plugins or being scared by bug reports
NextGEN Gallery – Is there anything better?

Although the author has not written a lot of instructions for the NextGen Gallery plugin plugin , a user created a website where he has many articles that lay out the steps for people who are having problems with specific things. Such as NextGEN Gallery – Displaying Images as an album, so his site is well worth a good look around to get tips on usage and to find new resource links if troubleshooting. It also has lots of valuable comments from other users.

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