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Get An API Key To Use Akismet

webdesigner : June 18, 2011 7:53 am : Tutorials, Users, With Video

How to Get an API key to use Akismet

The following two videos show slightly different ways to get the API key you need to have to use Akismet to filter your comments for spam. I explain why you need it and how Akismet filters probable spam comments from genuine ones.

Spam comments can seem like they are worth publishing, some are very clever and many very complimentary – saying what a wonderful blogger you are and how great and interesting your website is BUT

These comments rarely mention anything specific about the post they are on. These comments are submitted by robot software, and often target the About page (because it was a default), but may target any post by using a keyword to find relevant posts BECAUSE

These comments are not from readers – they are submitted by link building bots. For this reason, they have the potential to be malicious even though most are harmless. Spam comments are more likely to redirect a link to pornography or viruses. Is it worth it? If you link – however unknowingly to bad content – your server may shut you off from the internet to protect others, even if the link is just in a blog comment.

Its not worth it. Delete all automated comments as spam and reduce the risk.

Comments that people submit normally, are rarely dangerous, so don’t get paranoid – just be vigilant. Moderate initial comments and check all links in them. Leave the filtering up to Akismet which will check submissions according to a constantly updating algorithm and marks as spam those that fail. Empty your spam when you do your monthly maintenance run.

These videos show you different ways to get the API key to use Akismet. The second video points out that if your site is commercial and making money, there is something in the Akismet terms of agreement to be aware of and conform to.

Enable Akismet as one of the first plugins you enable as you get started. The one API key will serve for every Wordpress blog you install. So make a note of the key somewhere in your web organization folder where you keep track of passwords. Maybe you will only do this once, and you can always go get it from the akismet settings page, but I like to keep these handy in one document and its good practice to do so. You never know when you might need them!

If you have not done this and have a lot of comments to remove use Delete Pending Spam to remove them and get Akismet or some other form of spam filter set up for protection.

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