Making Your Own Website

You can’t help but bring your ignorance and some great BIG dreams to a decision like “I want to make my own website”, but don’t let these cloud your judgement. You will be making decisions without having all the facts – that’s life. You will expect to get more than you can afford – that’s life! So go zen, start small and even if you have a large budget, don’t blow it all in one go, in a week. If you do have a budget, tuck half of it away for after the website is completed, because making a website is only the first step.

Making your own website is a creative process and owning a website that can become successful is a journey you will be embarking on.

Like Rome… A successful website isn’t built in a day!

In a global marketplace like the Internet, uploading your own website is like publishing your first novel… when your ambition is to be a best selling author. Or standing in a crowd at a rock concert waving at the lead singer yelling out “Hey, I’m your biggest fan friend…” and expecting to get their attention because you are simply there.

Dream BIG… but start small and stay real.

Don’t expect too much at first. Make a plan. Choose the easiest path to achieve it, and then re assess. Take small steps until you know a lot more than you currently do.

I have learned what I know about making websites from several years of experience. If you allow me to guide you, I can help you make your own website in a way that makes it easy to start small, but won’t require a complete overhaul to make a larger website with more complex functionality when you can handle it.

You won’t spend a fortune but it won’t be free. You can do everything yourself or you can ask me to do most of it. Just please understand that you cannot make your own website without learning a bit about managing it and doing most of the writing yourself, or at the very least knowing and explaining what you want written and designed.

You Will Be Able To Update Your Own Website

Think of making your own website like you might approach building a house. You can just say to an architect, design me a house… but unless you tell him you have 7 children and a dog, that you work from home and you like to work out… you could end up with a house that only has two bedrooms, no office, no gym and you have to get up to open the door every time the dog wants to go out. It may be a beautiful house but it won’t suit you.

In the same way, many people pay a small fortune to very good website designers to make them excellent beautifully designed websites and then find that when they want to change a phone number, or update their client list or events schedule, they cannot do so themselves. They may not have time or extra money or just be organized enough to stay in communication with their designer to get their updates done.

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Reason: Minimal readable content on front page.

They may have unknowingly ordered a fancy “flash” website, only to discover that the search engines like Google cannot index it and their beautiful website never appears in any searches. Also they may realize they want their website to do specific things, and the programs that do these things, may be difficult to “hook in” and work easily with the type of website that has been created for them.

You Will Be Able To Manage Your Own Website

DIY websites can help you to make your own website as a frame, and it can be infinitely expanded. You can have your own website frame up and working within a week. Your back office is included, where you can manage your own website. All amenities are connected and you can start spreading the word about your website and inviting visitors to it.

Then in your own time you can add any fancy functionality you need and grow a small 5 page website into the BIG dream website you may envisage. Or you can just keep it small but effectively serving your needs.

At all times you manage your own website and can update your own website’s articles and any other content there yourself, using an editor in the back office, that is similar to the MS Word program. You don’t need to understand html or php or any other “code”. Although it will help you sometimes if you do learn a few basics.

Use DIY Web Services

If it is all too new or appears too hard, or you don’t have time… You can employ me or someone else to help you do as much or as little as you need to make your own website.

Remember that old Chinese proverb …

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

If you can learn how to edit your own website then you can continue and make any changes you need yourself. You won’t have to pay anyone to do more than help you with occasional issues.