Step By Step In 4 Phases

Phase 1 – Plan & Purchase Your Domain

29 Steps continues

29 steps continues – Click to each article by name. (I may still have a few to write.) You may want to refer back to this page and various stages as you make progress.

Phase 2 – Construction & Architecture

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Phase 3 – Decor – Your Content

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Phase 4 – Housewarming – Promotion & Retention

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29 Steps To Start Your Own Website That You Host, Create, Maintain & Update By Yourself

Your Website Is Virtual Real Estate

Do It Yourself Websites is not about using a free website or free blog. You have a limited control over these websites, like renting a place to live, rather than owning your own home. When you rent you don’t have full control, you cannot even knock a picture hook in the wall! Likewise with a free website you cannot choose plugins and themes from the full range available to you.

DIY Websites shows you how to start your own website using a free Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress that makes it as easy to edit your website, as it is to edit a Word document.

We’ll show you where to register your domain name (get your website address), choose your host (buy your plot of land). Then we’ll show you how to get the CMS (your website frame and home page) installed on your host, at your domain name.

That’s when the fun really starts!

Your Choice – Simple or Advanced

Do It Yourself Websites is not about writing html websites. You don’t need to know html, although knowing the basics sometimes helps. The CMS uses php but I have never written a line of php yet. All you’ll need to know is how to write text inside a program that is similar to a Word document. Then learn where to make changes to include the options you want at the top (header), bottom (footer) and sides (sidebar widgets) you see on a website.

Once you’ve got the basics of this, you can keep it simple or continue learning and get more advanced. That’s up to you.

What is here is a 29 step blueprint to start your own website. You can also choose to skip the initial more difficult construction phase and ask Do It For You Webs to get your WordPress website installed and hosted for you.

I have tried to keep this simple enough to be easy to use, but informative enough to make use of the more advanced and awesome tools that WordPress makes available.

Conceptually, I first break it down into 29 step by step tutorials. Here you will discover how to add plugins (extension modules) to your basic website frame to make it do most anything a website can do.

Most of the website tools I recommend are free open source, so you don’t need to pay for them, (although spontaneous donations are always a generous reward for the hard work the plugin authors put into these tools.)

There may be a few premium tools recommended that you will need to pay for, but only if you really want to use them. There will be free alternatives, but sometimes a premium plugin or theme can make your life easier and your site look more professional.

I use most of the tools I recommend. That’s how I can give you tips on what to choose and how to use them. I will help you cut out that experimental stage that every do-it-yourselfer goes through; the trial and error of working out what works and what doesn’t, from hundreds of alternative tools that come with limited instructions, and assume you know what they do.

The journey to start your own website begins with one step…

 29 Steps

When I’ve Written Them…