Adding Video To Websites

What could be more interesting (or more irritating) than watching video on websites? Moving pictures, people talking, music and voice overs and visual examples – it’s great!

Except – when a video doesn’t load quickly, when it buffers, jitters, stalls and stutters and when it wastes our time – especially if this is the only way we can get to the information the page has said it is offering.

So when you go beyond still pictures to videos, it’s quite a high step up in skills knowledge. Just as adding pictures was a step up from simply adding text. There are many different ways to make videos and there are also different video formats and ways to optimize their delivery or “streaming” from a web page such as….

Making Videos

  1. You can record a video with a video recorder, webcam, camera or phone
  2. You can record a video with computer software such as Camtasia
  3. You can convert an alternate file format like a slideshow into a video
  4. You can add and edit different types of files and make a “mash up” video with different kinds of video making computer software starting with Windows Movie Maker

Streaming Videos

  1. You can use other (free or paid) software to convert the output format of the video you have made to a web streaming format like mp4
  2. You can upload common video formats to a video sharing site that will do this conversion, show your video. Then use their embed code to stream it via your own website
  3. You can convert your video to a specific format, often flash, then upload your video to your own website (or a content delivery network) and use a plugin to enable a media player so that your video will play for your visitors.

The easiest way to add video on a website

The easiest way to display video is to choose a video someone else has made and use the embed code from You Tube . You can choose from thousands of fantastic videos and some are really awesome. This is how I have added the video below.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I love this video . I wish I could have had the Irish good luck to be standing in Central Station when this spontaneous river-dance seemingly infected bystanders and had them happily jigging away in synchronicity!

St Patricks Day 2011 Flashmob. Central Station, Sydney, Australia.

Of course if I had, and I had a mobile phone with me I could have made my own video on the phone which I could have uploaded to You Tube. I could then have used their embed code (pasted in html view) to let my website visitors view my own unique video.

Or if I didn’t want to share my unique video on You Tube, I would need to have a WordPress plugin that uploads a media player so I can play movies. I must ensure that I convert the video to the video web format this plugin can play.

This is when it starts getting complicated and people give up. But it’s also when we stop giving away the good stuff to You Tube or Facebook just because we don’t know how to do this.

Its really not that much harder to make videos than anything else you have already learned how to do regarding websites – it’s just a bit more time consuming . ((Like everything else you have learned how to do regarding websites :-))

Like pictures, the link to upload a video into the medai library is on the right side just over the editor icons menu bar.  You browse to the video or you can paste in an url to reference a video that is on the web but on another website. If all goes well, you can insert into page and the video will play. If not then you may need a plugin.

Start Googling for WordPress plugins plus the format your video is in. If nothing is obvious get the free download for Any Video Converter and install it. Run your video through this and convert it to a flash video or an mp3 or mp4. You shouldn’t have any problem using a video plugin to display these formats but read more before you start experimenting. There are people who know far more than I do as I don’t do a lot of video creation as yet.

Generally the plugin will also have shortcode and parameters that let you colour the media player and show or hide its controls, as well as size it to fit your post page nicely.

I’ll be coming back to this post to make it more useful but right now, like most of these steps,  the topic appears to be too large to fit on one page! So I need to think about how to do it.

There are some video tutorials on PC Able on Web Video that may help a bit

but as always Google something specific and the oracle will answer…

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